Saturday, October 23, 2010

small sewing projects

A few needle books. One for my darning needles, another a housewife based on Melissa's design. A few zip pouches in linen gingham: mustard and blue with handmade felt balls for pulls. Other little things being worked on currently.. all hand sewing. Some patterns being traced and waiting to be cut and sewn.
Mostly though I am curling up and resting or knitting when I get the chance and watching the boy ride his scooter from the stoop. I've got a cold and I've been trying to beat this one for a week. Oh, and, the littlest one has an ear infection.

This weekend I am:
celebrating Mick's (my husband) birthday
visiting the Paterson Falls
eating out a few meals - japanese and middle eastern
hoping to visit the pumpkin patch for some photos and get to carving

Hope you're weekend is shaping up nicely.

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urban craft said...

lovely little pouches. I love hand sewing, it's so simple and elegant. Zipper bags are my favorite!