Friday, October 15, 2010

black velvet baby doll dress

This dress is Built by Wendy 3835 and I will start off by saying that it's not 100% perfect. I had some issues sewing this. One involved drinking a glass of wine at a birthday party (rarely drink anymore) before sewing up the zipper which by the way is fine really though it was supposed to be slightly lapped. At the time I didn't see the need to read directions. Ha. Also, the material wasn't that easy to work with and is not on the suggested list of fabrics to use. It's a velvet blend and the collar was where I ran into some issues because the fabric was a bit too thick. Oh, and the hem too.

That said it is fine and I'm not going to re-do it because I'm afraid of tearing the fabric. It reminds me a lot of being 5 and 20 at the same time.

Anyway, even with the aforementioned issues I pretty much love this dress which is a lot to say considering I can sometimes be a bit of a perfectionist and like I said it's not. That line through the top- a fabric flaw or from folding but steaming is working wonders and hopefully it will all repair. I think one more steam should do it.

Here is another version of the same dress that I made last year. And, yes I left off the ties again. The collar looks so much nicer on that one.

That little bow in my hair? I was inspired by a photo of Clever Nettle so I knit one up. A simple i-cord made in some pretty red yarn.

And, getting these photos taken... Well sometimes that's the most impressive part of the whole thing. Especially since I am entertaining a 2 year old who didn't take a nap at the same time as I'm shooting these while a certain four year old is present as well. It's pretty obvious I don't take photos of myself very often seeing that these poses make me look as if I'm about to plie or curtsey.

Happy weekend to you.


the fabled needle (jen) said...

i like it - it's simultaneously fancy and low key. :)

i want to make a version of this with the ties on the sleeves. but as with my other BBW 3835 dresses, i'm going for the elastic neckline and NO zipper! (i commend you for putting a zipper in that fabric!)

the red bow is perfect too.

Elizabeth said...

I had some problems with a built by wendy pattern too. It was the armscye, in one of the shirt patterns. I made it for my daughter, who has pretty slim arms too, and it just never fit right, so I haven't made anymore of her patterns since then. Your dress however looks very nice on you.

sew nancy said...


I forgot all about the alterations you made on this dress and I've just come over and peeked. Your version is so cute. Maybe I will try it next Spring in a nice lightweight material

Amy said...

The dress is very cute. I just made a BBW shirt and it is much too large even though I used the suggested size. I am putting off taking it up because I am too lazy.

Dacia said...

super cute! you look great in it! and cute post, too. I hear you about the photo-taking!

melissa said...

i love it. i think it's the perfect dress for going out and drinking more wine in. i've always longed for a velvet dress.

p.s. thank you for your nice message at my etsy shop- i'm glad it arrived and you like it!