Friday, October 8, 2010

french press

Most afternoons around 1:30 or so I sit down to a cup of coffee that I brew in my french press. It's usually a mildly relaxing time of the day with one child while the other has settled into her nap (at least for now). At some point last Fall, I made this cozy for my press which is not only pretty but, also very handy in keeping it warm as sometimes I get a bit distracted by my own doing or by the children and it keeps it nice and warm until I get that little moment to sit down. It's most often one of my favorite times of the day.

It looks like we are in for beautiful Autumn weather here in the Northeast this weekend. Hope you have a nice one too.


Liz said...

perfect fall weather in NJ indeed!
have a great weekend

kristi said...

that is a GREAT idea. i have broken a couple different presses that were more insulated, and the one i have now i found at a yard sale and it's just the basic model so it doesn't seal very well around the top. i have often though about trying to wrap something around it. what did you put between the layers? anything? like quilt batting or something?

melissa said...

ooh- that looks great! i use my french press cosy every afternoon too. :)

sew nancy said...


I used Insul-Bright between the layers which is also good for pot holders.
We have had quite a few broken presses in the sink ourselves.