Tuesday, March 17, 2009

spring bird brooches

Spring is on it's way and I added 2 new bird brooches to the shop.
The birds are a very cute accessory for spring and also look great perched just about anywhere.

I have one on a curtain in my room and another one sitting on my dresser.
Unfortunately, I can't wear them right now as they are so tempting for little hands to grab.

There are quite a few of them over there in my shop. Perhaps one will strike your fancy.

And, I'll offer 20% off your purchase of one by March 24th. That's next Tuesday so for one week only. I will reimburse you through Paypal.

Happy Spring!


carriegirl said...

those are so lovely, nancy! perfect for spring.

blazedanielle said...

Nancy, these are beautiful! So detailed and enchanted. I bet Hansel and Gretel would love some like that! :)

Denise said...

Hi, are these available for sale at Mackey Blue? I live right around the corner from that cute cute store.

you can reach me at ddalton@hobonet.com. Thanks!