Monday, March 16, 2009

girl in a bubble

Here Ms. S is modeling her latest outfit. This time a hand knit one-piece sunsuit. This will be great for beach days this summer. We took a trip down recently and went for a walk and played in the sand a bit. The kids were so excited to be there.

This was a relaxing and fast pattern to knit. It is called boy in a bubble but I think it looks cute on a girl too. You can find it through Vicki Howell. I love how the organic cotton and milk fiber felt moving through my hands. It was my first time working with milk fiber and I am intrigued. I have found soy & cotton also to be nice combination for summer knitting.

Ms. S has been learning all sorts of new tricks the past few days and is very pleased with herself. She is not walking but, I'm in no hurry. She is such a joy and so funny. It is amazing the changes that have happened in just one months time.


blazedanielle said...

Ms. S is so very stylish and sweet! :) I love that pink color! It brings out her rosy cheeks!

carriegirl said...

she looks adorable! and i love the colors.