Tuesday, March 3, 2009

cherry blossom beret

I put a petal in my pocket
to remind myself of Spring
so that even when it's over
in my mind it will remain
a wondrous thing

-Cynthia Hopkins - Ballad of the Cherry Blossoms - Devotionals (Songs for Shunkin)

It is freezing and I am dreaming of Spring and those pink cherry blossoms I love so much.

The beret is for Ms. S and the pattern is from the same Debbie Bliss book as the previous post. It is called Pompon Beret


Barbara Brown said...

Knit girl knit.
Very cute for spring. It is sure to keep the wisps at bay.
Barbara Brown

kristi said...

if she keeps hats on i am totally amazed! my little one rips anything on his head off within seconds of being put on. :)

very cute color!