Tuesday, March 24, 2009

london badges

I am working on my Spring update for Mackey Blue.
These London badges will be a part of it.
I've sold a few of them there before and they sold fairly quickly.
They are made from Liberty of London scraps. I have yet to cut into the few Liberty prints I have. I'm a bit chicken about doing this because of the waiting for the perfect project scenario.


kristi said...

ok, this is going to sound very ignorant, but what are london badges? are they buttons? they are beautiful, whatever they are! :)

sew nancy said...

they are pins made with metal buttons out of liberty of london fabric
i thought the name was cute since it combined the fabric name and the song london bridges which of course when i make them only makes me sing that song....
and, no your question is not ignorant
i just assume people know what i am talking about. i should have explained that