Monday, March 30, 2009

my folklore smock

A new Bend-The-Rules Smock for S from My Folklore again. Yes, the same fabric I used in this dress.
Last summer Ms S was 3-6 months size and I used the pattern at 150%. She is now wearing 12-18 months
and 175% worked out well for her.

I made some red bloomers out of the red in the pocket fabric a while ago that will work nicely with this in summer.
Speaking of bloomers, I have been making a lot of them lately working out a pattern of my own. I have one but, now want to make another version. I would love to learn pattern making so I could more easily bring my ideas into fruition.


abby try again said...

Oh that is the cutest little thing!
Red bloomers sound adorable. Happy Monday!

Fine Little Day said...

Wish I could sew like you, this is sweet.