Sunday, March 1, 2009

fall raspberries

I finished up a new sweater for Scarlet yesterday. It took me a week to knit it with some other projects being worked on as well.

The color is this beautiful berry stain that I could see so well with prints and cream and chocolate brown. And, it will bring out the pink in her cheeks

My intention was for this to be a spring sweater however, the good/bad news is that is turned out too big which of course, is much better then too small. It should work for next Fall/Winter. I feel like I learned a lot about finishing and seaming - I ripped out and redid a few times which certainly tested my patience but, made me happier in the end with the finished product.

I will admit I didn't do a gauge swatch (the wool gauge was the same as the DB yarn called for so I figured I was okay) but, here is what I think happened.

1) After much reading I found many people find that DB patterns turn out huge. So, I know I am not alone.

2) Ms. S is not a big baby.

3) My gauge may have been a bit off. I'm starting to think I knit bigger with circulars. Anyone else have that issue?


Baby Shrug - Debbie Bliss Simply Baby
Size 12-18 months (but came out bigger)
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Merino Superwash Raspberry 029

In the end, I got a sweater for her to grow into which is fine really when you think about it. I love this sweater even if I hated the seaming at the end. The sleeves were a major pain for me.


kristi said...

ok i think you should start knitting these for grown ups. so i will take one in the same color, only bigger. :)

seriously though, your knitting never ceases to amaze!

tarot cards said...

that is beautiful the colour is stunning!