Monday, August 9, 2010

Tiny Tea Leaves

Here is a Tiny Tea Leaves for Scarlet in Madelinetosh yarn in a color called Betty Drapers Blues.

I fell in love with this color which surprised me a little (not normally a blue person) and hope she will too. Blue is not #1 but #3 on the list of favorite colors.
i made the size 2 and blocked it to measurements but it is still too big on her so this will wait a year or maybe not. A lot can happen in 6 months.

We should be all set to wear the owl sweater i made last summer and maybe this one too which have been waiting around for wear.

And, since we are talking about tea (sort of) I think I will scan some photo from a teatime book that I adore for the next post.


Dacia said...

this is gorgeous!

Alison said...

The blue is beautiful - that wonderful blue of warm sun, gentle breeze, and floral dresses underneath :)

melissa said...

what a beautiful blue and a gorgeous cardigan! lucky little scarlet.

ooh- the tea book sounds good.