Monday, August 30, 2010

floating along

In an effort to start what I finish and I start a lot I sewed this seahorse and nightgown. The seahorse has been waiting some time since July maybe and the nightgown for a few weeks.

The nightgown is from a costume pattern and is meant to be long. Perfect for floating down the make believe aisle or pretending you are an angel. It's for the little one. I used the egyptian cotton sheet again that I used for my Colette bloomers and the material is lovely but, very slippery and a bit hard to sew with. She has yet to try it on. Right now she would prefer if I would let her wear her winter coat, sweater or tights. The later I have allowed. Hmmm. I didn't realize two years olds got excited about Fall wardrobes. I don't know the proper name for the gold ribbon tie I used but, it is vintage and really lovely.

The seahorse was sewn with fabric from a costume I picked up at a big theatre sale in town a few years back. That sale was absolutely amazing and I remember wanting to walk away with a lot. This was a big skirt and had tears in it. This material is some sort of synthetic and also slippery but, wasn't hard to sew with.

Unrelated: I dropped off a lot of new items at Mackey Blue this weekend most of which I have not blogged about but, some really sweet things. If you are local you should swing by. Dinner at Maxwells was had. And, I've been adding some things here and there to the Etsy shop and hope to continue doing so.


Erica said...

I love the nightgown. Very pretty! I love the seahorse. I love that the fabric that you used for him has a story behind it. Very cool!

one eye squinted said...
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kristi said...

sorry--removed my last comment. i love the lighting in the top picture. and of course everything you make is so sweet. the seahorse is adorable!

rebekka said...

Nancy I LOVE that nightgown!!!