Tuesday, August 31, 2010

what's in the bag

Saturday morning after exercising I went to the rummage sale at a local church. If you know me or read my twitter you know that I really miss thrifting and flea markets but, with the ages my kids are at taking them with me would not be the same. That said, the kids were at the playground during my 45 minutes there.

It was the second weekend of the sale and I wasn't expecting much. I really only looked at the clothes and I managed to walk away with several good things and the money I spent all goes to a good cause.

A blue cashmere sweater. A few tiny moth holes but, nothing serious and if I don't wind up wearing it there is always re-purposing into winter accessories. It's a little snug.

A lambswool angora short sleeved sweater in this perfect golden pumpkin color.

A deep red silk blouse (my favorite of all) because the fit is so nice and the shade is so pretty.

A brown kick pleat Banana Republic skirt that fits perfectly (not bad for not trying on)

Some butter soft green linen napkins and an apron. It all set me back $11. Now I just need to wash and dry clean and I'm all set.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I love the angora sweater, everything on it is perfect, from the cut to the colour!

kristi said...

that's so great! i love finding treasures, especially this cheap and pretty!

melissa said...

ahh, thrifting. you found such beautiful pieces! i love scoring soft cashmere garments second-hand too.