Thursday, August 12, 2010

doll clothes for Emma

I mentioned I was making doll clothes. Well,I haven't gotten past the first outfit for one doll as I've been distracted with other projects but, am happy to report that it fits. I guessed the size of this doll (because you know the doll wasn't with me in the attic that night) who happens to fit perfectly into the 14" Vogue doll pattern I used. I haven't let S see this outfit as I'm still thinking there will be a little collection in a tiny suitcase for gift giving time.

So, a bonnet with bow and little overalls in pink cotton with tiny ric rac detail for her 'baby.' Very sweet and super fun to make.

-I am not sure how Emma got a beauty mark. It appeared one day out of nowhere it seems. Emma is vanilla scented and the scent stays through baths and all. Sometimes I can smell her from far away. I happen to like vanilla so this is all good.


melissa said...

i think keira has that same doll- (at least, it looks the same and is also vanilla-scented.) her's is called millie. i love emma's clothes- great sewing!

Amy said...

Very cute. I have made a couple of doll clothes for Lucy's dolls and as much as I want to make more, I just don't enjoy all the teeny tiny seams and what not.