Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I wish I could melt into the water like a mermaid

My baby is wearing her baby.

The baby sling was made last night and she adores it and has been wearing all morning. It went to the pool for her brother's swim lessons and it seems to make people happy...everyone was smiling at her.

After staring at my fabric stash for a while my eyes rested on this adorable Shinzi Katoh print that I have been holding onto for a long time and I knew it would pass all her tests.

This was so easy to sew up. The pattern is McCall's 3430 from 1972 and was picked up at a church sale for 25 cents last year. I used snaps instead of trouser hook and eyes for the closure and I think I may add another set so it won't sit as low as this is meant for a older child. I have also been sewing doll clothes. Once I see how the first few outfits work on the two sizes of dolls I'm making them for I will be adding more over the coming months. I'm thinking a little suitcase full of clothes for the holidays or birthday would make a sweet gift. The pretend play is getting more adorable by the minute. S has been preparing food for me between her fingers or pulling it from her toes.
A typical conversation:

S: Honey?
Me: Yes, please.
S: Alright.
Gets to work preparing the food. I hold out my hand and pretend eat or drink it
S: Really good?
Me: Yes. Mmmm
S: More some?
Me: Okay
Pretend eat some more
All done
S: Turns my hands over to dump food
Wash hands

-So stinkin' cute.


melissa said...

hehe- so cute. pretend play is the best. i love the doll-baby-sling!

Dacia said...

i love that print! that is so sweet that she wants to carry her baby around. you have been busy over here!!