Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Children's Teatime

As promised I am posting some pictures from the book Children's Teatime.

What I like about tea I have stated before and it not simply the drink itself but also the time spent with it alone or in the company of others whether they be human, animal or toys. I like the order of it, the preparation and practice though I am not so good at always including it in my day.

I hope for this to become someday part of the daily routine with my children. Why not change snack time to tea time?
If only I could get Matty to drink tea. He is under the impression that tea tastes bad which I wholly blame on his Father and am not ashamed to say so as my husband does not like tea (the horror) and I have only persuaded him to drink it once or twice when sick with much complaint on his behalf.
Well, I say no tea, no cake..

And, with that I share the rest of the beautiful old images reprinted in this book.


kristi said...

my favorite is the top one--these little girls dressed like flappers. what neat pictures! my husband is the one who likes tea in our family, and when i first found this out i teased him about it. now i understand that it's just not "manly" in the south i think for men to drink tea--other places it's totally fine. :)

Amy said...

No tea, no cake...I like it! And these photos are so sweet! Fortunately everyone in our house loves tea and we enjoy a good tea party now and again.

melissa said...

so sweet!