Friday, August 6, 2010

yellow dot pocho pants

For snuggling and reading stories in:

These are wide leg pants made with Nani Iro fabric I put together in under an hour one night this week.
You can buy this as a kit from The Fabric Bar which is how it came to me and includes all materials other then the thread. You don't even have to cut the fabric- sweet! Also a cute little tag with girls and balloons so she can tell the front from the back.

It's a perfect first project for someone getting into sewing or a great quick project for a tired end of the day lady.

-I made M some great monkey pants earlier in the summer with knit fabric from the Oliver + S pajama pattern that he loves and some pink linen ones for S that I cut from a very loved old tablecloth using the tutorial from One Girl which have a nice lean leg.


Amy said...

Those are so cute! I have never visited that site, but I definitely will now!

Fine Little Day said...

O I like the pants :)!