Tuesday, December 1, 2009

winter accessories

Into the woods we went to snap some photos for the holiday card this afternoon. It is so hard to get photos of two kids especially at these ages (22 months and four) but, I think we may have one or two we can work with. While there I managed to get photos of some of the winter accessories I have been making for Ms. S. I have made her five hats so far and I still don't think I'm done. This is not counting the ones I've inherited that my Grandma made me. I'm okay with my crazy obsessions.

And, this red coat had once belonged to her brother though I think he only wore it once and it fits her perfectly.

Little Red is a bit miffed as this is the third hat her Mama has put on her in the past 10 minutes. It is practically the same winter bonnet Amy made for one of her girls and since I share the same obsession with this style of hat I needed to make a winter version too.
It is red melton wool and lined with a brown stripe/dot from Denyse Schmidt Katie Jump Rope, felted leaves and satin ribbon.

The purple scarf was knitted over the summer with the red coat in mind. It is made with Malabrigo yarn. This yarn is so soft and bouncy. There is something so striking about red and purple together especially on my blond little lady.

Okay, so here is another hat though the fit is still a bit big. It's hand knit with Rowan yarn I had on hand and is a pattern from She's Crafty who has a new book out now that I want to get my hands on called, Vintage Knits for Modern Babies, though I should look at it first to see how many patterns would still work for my baby as she is fast approaching two.

And, don't worry the boy has gotten a few things too.
I'll have to do another boy post.

I'm knitting as many Christmas gifts as I can though some of them are for people who read here so I'll have to keep those quiet.

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