Tuesday, December 29, 2009

handmade christmas - part two

Here is the rest of the hand knits that were made in December.

Two cable scarves. This is a nice easy project and makes a great gift for a man. I made one for Mick and one for my Dad.

A pair of mittens for Matty. When one gets soggy from the snow you need another pair.

A pair of those mitts for my brother Chris

And, a Thorpe (without edging and ties) and a Boyfriend Hat for Mick. Patterns on Ravelry. I am modeling for you as he is out at the moment.

All the yarn was in my stash and that always feels good too. I think the scarves and mittens are my favorites. The others would have been better in different yarns but, everyone seems happy with their gifts so all is good.


Denise said...

lots of nice knitting there Nancy. I love after holiday blogs, when everyone can reveal their hard worked projects.

Anonymous said...
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