Monday, December 7, 2009

poppy doll

I made a new rag doll for Scarlet's Christmas. This pattern is Poppy from Hop Skip Jump.
The doll is modeled after S. She is a blue eyed blonde.
The doll body is made from cream colored flannel and the clothing patterns include pants, a reversible smock and a tie top. I also made her a scarf. Doll clothes are a lot of fun to make. Once I find the time I would love to make some more for her dolls as she is really getting into dressing and undressing them.

I also included a little doll quilt so she can put her to bed. S loves to tuck in her animals and dolls and sit in bed with me with the covers pulled up.

Unfortunately, while sewing the doll something went wrong with my Pfaff and I think I might need to take it in for service which I really can't afford. Perhaps when I am over this cold I will try fiddling more. I think there might be threads caught underneath. In any case, it's something with the bobbin thread. Well, I pulled out my old 19 year old Singer to pull me through in finishing this project.


The Vineyard Lady said...

Both the doll and the doll quilt are just lovely!

amy said...

She is adorable!

melissa said...

you've been making such beautiful things lately! i love this poppy doll. your daughter will be so excited when she opens up and finds all those accessories too!

Che Birba said...

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I love each of your creations!!!