Thursday, December 17, 2009

owl sweater 3

Yes, I have now made my third owl sweater for our family of four.
This one is for Matty and will be under the tree this year. It still needs it's button eyes.

Rest assured, I will not be making one for Mick.
Nor, will we take family portraits of us all wearing our matching sweaters or wear them at the same time. Okay, maybe the kids
Mine is here.
S's is here.

Thanks again Anna for all that yarn you gave me so long ago. Remember when you suggested this one be a sweater for M. Well, now it is.


Amelia Plum said...

i love those owl sweaters. when my life calms down i hope to try and make one

Anonymous said...

I love the "hoot hoot sweater" so darn cute.


jen said...

oh, you should totally do a family portrait!! something with an "olan mills" theme. ;)

man, i don't even have one owl sweater made. i really want one too. maybe this winter?

happy holidays!