Tuesday, December 22, 2009

candle wreaths

I saw this idea over on flickr from one of my contacts a while back and since I was missing one of a pair I thought I would make up some new ones. They are little wreaths for going around your candles and catching wax drips. I made several and I think I will give away some for holiday gifts this year.

Here is a little tutorial.
You will need floral wire and tiny millinery flowers or other small items with stems.
I bought lengths of very thin floral wire from a local florist shop. They were .25 each but, you may be able to get them cheaper.

Take your floral wire and wrap it until you have a small circular shape. The circumference of this should be able to fit around a taper candle. You could always use the taper and wrap around that for the first one to figure out the size.
Then wrap your end and bend the sharp edge and hide it in there so it is not sticking out.

Take your flowers and wrap them around until you have the look you want. And, you are done. Now you have some pretty little wreaths.

Some ideas: crystal berries, mushrooms, little roses, daisies, greens.


6p00e54f827cbd8833 said...

i love this!

Amelia Plum said...

they look really sweet with your candles. coordinates perfectly with the color and i like your candlestick holders too!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Cute idea. Anything to keep candle drips from the tablecloth! By the way, I love your header. So vintage.