Wednesday, May 2, 2007

patches, toys and boys

After seeing Amy's post about Heat n' Bond Lite and how it was a fast easy project great for little ones and might I add quite a groove (excuse me I was looking at a hippy cookbook yesterday) for the big kid in us grown-ups as well, I thought I'd give it a shot.
It was super easy and I did these in like 10 minutes. I liked it better than the last time I did applique for Little M.

Yup, what's more exciting to a little boy then trucks, guitars and trees. Little M (like most boys) gets super excited about trucks and buses..big get the idea. He is also very fond of the guitar. And, trees! well he likes to go up and sort of slap/hug them with both hands. I think he's trying to see if he can push them over. So far, no luck. Looking at this photo of them folded it is quite clear I've never got to The Gap school of folding. I am not a very precise folder although I did watch Martha do it once on tv.

Also, on the table is spaceboy.

He's been neglected for about a week and a half. I cut him out on Easter morning, then started sewing him about a week later and then kind of forgot about him. Hopefully, he doesn't mind too much.

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Amelia Plum said...

I saw that post too. Your tees turned out great, the one with the truck and guitar is perfect for little boys. Great fabrics, wish we had a purl in pittsburgh