Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mackey Blue + Me

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I've been keeping a secret since Wednesday night and today I've decided to let it out. Phew!
My items will now be for sale at Mackey Blue... right here in Hoboken, NJ. The address is 1200 Washington Street and it is actually btw. Washington and Bloomfield Street.
I'm so excited about this little venture. Karen is so awesome and her store is so great. You may remember I gushed about it here.
Today, I dropped off my first batch of items and set it up and learned about working at the store because I will also be working there Wednesday nights from 7-9 starting the first week of June. Currently, she is open Saturdays from 10-7 and most Sundays. She is one busy gal with a full time job in addition to her store. Adding Wednesdays is good for her and good for me because I get out of the house and have the pleasure of being in her store and around all the lovelies in it. Of course, I will be meeting the customers and it will be like meet the designer too. I'm going to add inventory over the next few weeks and we will see how it goes.
Right now, I have button bobbies, a millinery brooch, a velvet button pin, a few flower pins, a garland and 2 pairs of booties. I will be adding more items soon. Some applique'd onesies should be there next week and hopefully, some for us girls too.

Here are a few more photos from inside the store.

Hope the rest of your weekend is lovely. I'm heading to the Joseph Cornell show in Chelsea soon.



Amelia Plum said...

Congratulations! Your stuff fits right in with the store. The place looks really cute, a great place to get away from wearing the 'mom' hat for a couple hours and mingle with other adults. I've worn 'mom' hat so long I feel like I'm no longer a member of the adult world.

string*THEORY said...

looks like a fun place!!