Sunday, April 15, 2007

a lovely new shop

Yesterday, I went to a new vintage/antique store that just opened in town called Mackey Blue.

I am thrilled to have this new shop in town as I have seen many vintage stores close over the years I have been here and we were in sore need of one. The owner, Karen, is very nice and her prices are manageable.

Inside you will find treasures such as old typewriters, vintage books, costume jewelry, housewares etc. I could go on but, you should stop in and say hello and poke about yourself. We are also in discussion to carry some of my items.

I left with the following:


a wool (possibly blend) fabric bundle, a old camera and a typewriter tin to add to my metal tin collection

I'm off for a spot of tea now.

Until tomorrow...

Yours Truly


Carolyn said...

I had no idea this shop was there! Thanks N—maybe we can make a trip together. xo

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely. Where is it, so I can go there?