Monday, April 23, 2007

happy mondays

Today is a happy Monday. One can't always say that about Mondays but, it is how I feel. The spring weather is making me giddy and I'm feeling extra girlish. Perhaps that is what inspired me to make these sweet garlands which I enjoyed so much that I will be making more.

I had a really great birthday. Little M gave me 2 Japanese craft books - one is felted toys and the other is quilted accessories.
Grammie came too and I went for a wander around town for a little bit by myself including a saunter down the cobblestone streets which always make me feel a tiny bit like I'm in Europe and then we all went to the park. In the evening, I met Big M for dinner at Mexicana Mama's and then we wandered around the West Village. The meal was perfect and exactly what I wanted. Then home for cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery and more presents which were all amazing including chocolate from Marie Belle and a gift certificate to Purl . Can you believe I have held out going there for so long? So, guess what I did on Saturday? Yes, I went to Purl. I was early and being outside looking in through their gorgeous window displays was a little like torture but, it was worth the wait. I did some yarn shopping and fabric shopping. It may just be the prettiest yarn shop I've ever been to. The fabric stores cute bundles were making me crazy as well as the thread in glass jars.
Later in the day, the M's and I went to Van Saun Park and rode the choo choo train and took in their zoo. We got to see the snowy owl, screech owl, prairie dogs, monkeys etc. I did a bit of sewing on Sunday and we took in some open houses for research purposes mostly.
It was a busy and fun weekend.

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