Monday, April 2, 2007

home sweet home

On and off, I've had houses on my mind for awhile now. What kind of home do I want next? Another condo here, a house in another city, the burbs, a country house, a European house. Okay, I'm not serious with that last one but, there is nothing wrong with dreaming about it, right?

These types of decision make my head spin. In reality, we are limited by commuting as M works in Manhattan. Plus, we love the city. The reason I think about this mostly has to do with the desire for a yard, more space, and less noise.

Anyway, houses aren't happening here at the moment. For now, sewing up houses seems like the perfect diversion.

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Amelia Plum said...

The grass is always greener with this debate. I'm sure M doesn't want too long of a commute but I can totally understand the desire for less noise. The noise of city living can make you homocidal, at least it makes me feel that way at times. Don't worry I haven't acted on my urge to murder whomever is blasting music out of their cars at a level that makes objects in my house vibrate.