Monday, May 28, 2007

all kinds of owl buttons in here

A few weeks ago, my Great Aunt Janet passed at the age of 95. Although we were very sad, she was very ill and she passed while unaware. She is remembered with great love and kindness which she shared with all. She had the sweetest smile you've ever seen. She danced at my wedding in 2001 and kept up her hair appointments and dressed up no matter what. She also was an amazing seamstress and crafter and made this beautiful junior bridesmaid dress for me for a family wedding. I can't remember the material. I am trying to find this dress again through relatives but, it was long and cream colored with dusty pink flowers and green leaves and a beautiful green velvet ribbon. I wore it for her grand-daughter Janet Lynn's wedding. She worked as a milliner and always made beautiful things. This weekend I learned that she made the 2 large, room-sized braided rag rugs that were in her home. Her nieces remember her sitting on the floor braiding it.
I loved her a great deal. Her daughter, Mary-Jane gave me this bag of buttons that belonged to her on Saturday while my Mom and I were visiting her cousins tea house in Avon-by-the Sea, NJ. Of course, I love it not only for the great owl embroidery but because it was hers and I will treasure it. When I use the buttons inside they will be for projects for the family and extended relatives. A little bit of her with each garment I make or mend.

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Jennifer said...

Beautiful keepsake - love hearing about the woman behind it.