Friday, May 4, 2007


Stripey is quite new and a little side project I've been doing in my downtime when I'm 'relaxing.'
It is knitted in seed stitch and I had all the yarn on hand from previous projects. I only knit in quality yarns so these are all manos del uruguay, rowan & morehouse farm merino. It is quite an unusual color combination choice for me but, I quite like the way they play off each other; the lights, brights and dark yarns seem to balance each other out. The stripes don't repeat in the same way either which I think give it a sense of spontaneity. Stripey is very textural and super soft. The stripes are uneven because of the different yarns- some are thicker or thinner than others.
It took about an hour and 1/4 to weave in the ends - the most tedious part of the project.


Amelia Plum said...

I like the colors too. NIce combo and it does look very soft.

Marisa said...

Very cool and interesting use of color. I'm always interested to see how other creative people find colors that go together.