Wednesday, May 30, 2007

embracing yellow

Yellow and all shades of green are really tickling my fancy lately. Chartreuse, soft yellow, mustard, forest green, pale green, gray green... I've also become even more obsessed with fabric. Now what is it about yellow..a color for years I hated. Even saying yellow sounds weird to me. It's just an odd sounding word. Did I inherit color choices - likes/dislikes from my Mom? Betsy (my Mom) is all about red, white and blue. I always teased her about this calling her Betsy Ross. Seriously though if you look at photos of her and me you will see we have a natural propensity towards red & blue and then our pattern of choice would have to be plaid what with her being Scottish and me being a child of the 70's it's not a surprise. Yellow is a color I just never got excited about until now. I did paint my last kitchen a soft butter yellow which I alternately hated and loved but, here I am embracing yellow. I'm not quite ready to wear it as a solid color until I find the exact right shade. A skirt with yellow in it like my bird skirt is good though.
Onto fabric, I've been accumulating fabric this year like a squirrel hoarding acorns.
This fabric above I bought at Mackey Blue, my new place of residence on Wednesday evenings from 7-9 beginning a week from today and where some of my items for sale reside. I want to use the flower tablecloth for a framing project but, am struggling because it's too pretty to cut even though I don't have the right table for it at the moment. The other fabric is so cute too but, that I can easily cut as it has no original purpose- the watering cans, veggies and flowers against that yellow is just so sunny and summer. It would make good kitchen and table linens. Karen, the owner of Mackey Blue also had it in a green color way but, I was more drawn to the yellow.
I'm still holding strong onto my red though. My close friends who read this will know what I'm taking about.

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