Sunday, March 18, 2007

vintage sewing patterns

This box of patterns arrived Thursday from Kim. Oh my! I can't believe how nice it was for her to mail these to me. She found them at an estate sale and was giving them away for free. I commented that I was interested and now here they are. Thanks so much Kim! I'm going to be working on a little something for you soon so expect something in the mail.

Some of my favorites:

I have a few in mind that I'd like to try sometime in the (hopefully not too far off) future.

Now, this leads me to answer a question posted by my friend the other day about where I am storing all my crafts.
Answer: all over the bedroom and a few supplies in the closet of the dining room. Storage is at a minimum here. I have no craft room...boohoo! We have one closet for all my clothes and stuff in the bedroom and an armoire for Mick's clothes in little M's room plus we each have a dresser. Thankfully, we also have this built in cabinet in our bedroom which houses all kinds of things: Books, supplies, socks, tights, shoes... However, there is also stuff shoved under the bed and in the closet and in corners of the room. It's not a good situation. I have a hard time keeping my supplies tidy and sometimes have to search through stuff to find what I am looking for. I really could use a professional organizer to come help me out. It is a never ending battle here. One successful solution has been to store all my Etsy items in a suitcase. This way they are kept nice and tidy and away from prying hands and claws.


eviedee said...

What a totally awesome score! I am green with envy! :)

Kim said...

Aah! I have neglected to check in to make sure they arrived. I'm so glad they finally got there and that you like them!