Wednesday, March 28, 2007

lace garters

Last night, I sewed cotton lace trim on my knee highs to keep them up and yes, it did work. However, the way I sewed them on is a little too tight and so I was cutting my circulation off a bit today. Don't worry, I will adjust them.
I'm going to leave the subject of my knees alone but, I will tell you a little story. While I was a Photo Editor at a place called Archive Photos now a part of Getty Images I was told by a photographer to please cut off a middle aged female actress' knees from a photo because she hated the way they looked. This actress' initials are SS and she has adopted a few boys. Can you guess who she is?

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eviedee said...

Fabulous idea!
You left a comment on my blog asking about a pillow pattern. Unfortunately, I did not make them, the pillows were made by Mary Ann at Good luck with your projects! If you can figure out those garters I am certain that you'll be able to wing it. :)