Tuesday, March 13, 2007

clothespin dolls

I'm so glad Amy posted about making these as gifts a while back. I just gave a set of four to Kate who is 2 and her Mom said she loves them. Little M likes them too. He steals them off the desk and carries them around. They fit perfectly in little hands and anyone who has kids knows how much children love to walk around holding things. I'm tempted to keep them for myself because I find them so adorable.

Here is a tutorial if you are so inclined:

A package of wood doll pins
Ultra Fine Point Sharpie Markers
Fabric Scraps
Glue or Glue Gun
Fine Point Pigma Pens

all available at Dick Blick except fabric scraps

First draw the doll face on with Pigma Pen. Use Sharpie for hair and accents such as cheeks. Cut out fabric scraps to fit around doll and a little extra for wrapping. Add glue around doll where fabric will adhere to and roll around doll leaving seam in back. Add glue to the extra fabric at seam and press down. Voila! Now embellish to your heart's content.


blair said...

These are so so cute. I have wanted to make them forever, am now offically adding them to my to do list, I can't resist.

Amelia Plum said...

Very cute dolls, the ones with the dark bobs wind up loooking like like brooks. Where, oh where, do you wind up storing all your crafts? I hope you have a ton of closet space or maybe a little room of your own for your crafting.