Tuesday, July 30, 2013

seed stitch cardigan

Semi de Printemps by Lili Comme Tout: The details in this cardigan are really nice and it was a pure pleasure to knit - made in seed stitch with picot edges on hem and cuff.

The directions were straightforward and the sizing turned out perfect. I followed directions for size 4 but, with the length of body and sleeves for a size 6. I used a hand dyed merino wool by Mountain Meadow in sport weight, color way: Scarlet *how fitting.* Part of the way through I wished for a more round bouncy yarn to see the details better. Perhaps I will knit it again someday. This little cardigan travelled around over the month spending some time at the beach, on car rides, at the park... wherever and whenever I could put a little stitch in. Thinking of the thousands of stitches that make a piece is really incredible, don't you think?

Those of you who know S well will recognize the kitty pose;)


imperfectlynaturalmama said...

Wow, looks beautiful, such delicate stitches. Wish I could knit clothes instead of just squares or rectangles!

thecrazysheeplady said...


Margery Hills - PhD by Publication said...

I love this little sweater. I think red is the perfect color for sweaters. I think it also helps that you have an adorable model.

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