Friday, August 2, 2013

marin in blue


I was able to finish my Marin due to the lovely community that makes up Ravelry. So many nice, helpful and beautiful people there. After contacting Cephalopod Yarns who I bought the yarn from at the Sheep and Wool festival and trying to get a match I was disappointed to find they no longer carried it. It is the Traveller yarn and the color goes by two names depending on the weight - violet tailed bluet and deception island. Through joining the company group on Ravelry I found a perfect match for sale for even less then the sticker price. I have to say I walked around in such an elated state for a few days saying, "I love Ravelry!" And, I do. It would have been painful to rip it out. It has convinced me to start photographing my stash too so that I can hopefully help someone else someday. I am going to put it on the to do list for September. Oh, that is a long list.

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