Thursday, August 22, 2013


I have not been good about keeping up with the garden posts here but, I am pretty excited to share news of our good fortune with our peach tree this year. Two nights ago we set to picking in the front yard and filled this large basket up half way and there are still more to be picked! We have never gotten so many before. Some years it was the squirrels that knocked them down before they were ripe and a few years where we just got a small amount. We have not had any problems with squirrels this year in the garden and we have an abundance of organic peaches. I am so pleased. I am giving some to friends and the rest I will bake with this week though for now most of them will need to be cut and frozen for later use and maybe some jam making. I would love if you would link to some of your favorite peach recipes in the comments.

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Elizabeth said...

There is nothing as wonderful as a fresh peach! I'm making a peach pie today, but I sure wish they came from someones tree rather than the store :(