Sunday, July 7, 2013

nani iro double gauze quilt

I once had a boss who would declare when she was happy with my photo edit... " I love it, I love it." She would say this very dramatically and it was one of the things my colleagues would hear throughout the day and giggle about as we made our selects leading up to and during fashion week. This is exactly how I feel about this quilt.

My Nani Iro double gauze quilt top was finished on the morning of July 4th and at the end of the day there were fireworks to celebrate. :) Here are some pictures of the top before it was quilted and bound. I borrowed the idea from Melissa after I was handed a nice pile of Nani Iro fabrics from Jaime over the winter. This stack combined with leftover pieces I had in my stash from other projects made for a beautiful mix of florals and dots. The darker fabrics (black, green and orange) with prints on white and lighter colors made for a striking color combination. I used a lightweight loft batting and two Nani Iro prints on the back. I was debating how to quilt this and decided to just go ahead and machine quilt on the diagonal which worked better then I had thought. For the binding I chose red pre-made. I always machine quilt on one side and hand stitch to the back. This is what I am comfortable with and I do like sitting down with it all on my lap and hand stitching to finish. These days though with the air conditioning on.

It measures 48" x 50" and each square is 4"

I still need to give it a wash and dry and am looking forward to it all fluffed up. It will make for a nice lap blanket someday though not anytime soon- it's about 100 degrees today!

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jenn said...

Nancy, this is gorgeous!