Tuesday, July 23, 2013

drawstring backpack

A drawstring backpack tutorial showed up on my feed from the Purl Bee the other day and I realized I had the materials on hand (or very close to it) to make one. Now that the heat wave has broken I was feeling the urge to sew again and wanted to make something I could start and finish quickly. I made this up in the adult size and lined it with muslin that has a little weight to it. The green straps fell a bit shorter then the pattern called for but, it worked out anyway. I am not sure how I acquired these straps but, they have been sitting in the ribbon tin forever. It always makes me feel good to use something I have on hand...sort of gives justice to my packrack habit with craft supplies.

I also have a few quilts in progress though I am not sure what direction they will take shape in the end. One is stripes right now and the other utilizes 'flying geese.' I am also planning on sewing up a Laurel in the near future.

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jenn said...

That looks cute! Like your polka dot shirt, too ;)