Friday, February 4, 2011

dresden plate quilt

This beautiful handmade vintage dresden plate quilt came into my life last year. I bought it because I love quilts especially from this era (1930's) and the fabrics that are used in them. I also bought it for research purposes because I have a collection of dresden plates that I would like to someday turn into a quilt though I have quite a few ahead of them that have been started and should really be finished first. I wrote about them here and made a pillow with one here. You see I am very good at starting quilts but keeping the momentum is hard for me. I am writing this in hopes that this will encourage me to push forward.

This quilt is in excellent condition and it so pretty and cheerful.

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Labrocanterie said...


Nice to hear that you are loving your quilt! It is fantastic and i wish you luck in your quilting!