Wednesday, February 23, 2011

little betty blue

Liberty of London Betsy print combined with hand knit cashmere lace border. A simple sundress with exquisite materials.
I bought the fabric almost 3 years ago with a gift certificate I received for my birthday knowing it would work it's way into a dress for my daughter. I have some pieces leftover for small projects. I am thinking patchwork and braided jewelry.

It's still very much winter here but the way the sun is shining in the windows seems different and you can tell that Spring is coming and soon not so far off in the future there will be a little girl running around in this dress which she thinks is beautiful.

Do you know the children's rhyme:

Little Betty Blue

Little Betty Blue,
Lost her holiday shoe.
What will poor Betty do?
Why, give her another,
To match the other,
And then she will walk in two.

-The knit portion is from Veyla by Ysolda which I showed a few weeks ago.
-Posing for Mommy lately seems to take a tiny bit of convincing with one magic word: lollipop


Elizabeth said...

Very pretty Nancy!!

valerie said...

this is so beautiful, nancy! i was just looking at a cacharel dress from a few seasons ago on ebay that used bits of crochet like this and thought i would love to make one for myself. now i'm doubly inspired--thank you!

Amelia Plum said...

such a cute dress. i love the print, like valerie i think i'd like one for myself.

Erica said...


Dacia said...

this is seriously the cutest thing I have EVER seen! ack!

melissa said...

whoa- that is amazing! gosh you're clever.