Friday, February 11, 2011

birthday purse

Another handmade birthday gift was a purse. I've made this before for S but, I originally had bought 2 sets of handles so I thought it would be fun to make another one for her. I went with the larger size this time. The sweet cheater hexagon fabric has been held onto for a couple of years. It says 'Happy Birthday to you'... 'Hello'... 'My heart'..'Hi'. It got paired with the polka dot and has a little pocket inside.
She will carry her valentines to school with this on Monday.
For now she has just been slinging it over her shoulder while practicing riding her scooter all over the first floor of the house. She has gotten quite good in a few days.

The instructions for this are over on the Purl Bee- Molly's Little Purses. It would make a sweet valentine's day gift for any little girl.


Amy said...

It is very cute!

Lauren said...

this is really cute, Nancy!