Monday, February 7, 2011

happy birthday scarlet

Yesterday, you turned three. You wore your kitty cat birthday dress I made you last summer. You had been asking to wear it for days and finally the day arrived. You have been practicing holding up three fingers with your other hand holding down the pinky so it doesn't pop up for weeks.

A kitty cat birthday with your two requested cakes: chocolate cake with pink frosting (and raspberries) and a Hello Kitty cake.

Unicorns, dollies, dresses, merry go rounds, cats, stickers and masks, charm bracelet and necklaces, a jewelry box with a dancing ballerina, a bunny/cat house, a new purse, your first ballet class on Friday, singing in the tub with your Mama like a mermaid on Saturday, a party at school with cupcakes and a crown made by your teacher, books and blankets, stamps for stamping, silver shoes, a doctor kit for taking care of everybody and tutus to twirl.

A very happy birthday indeed!

I love you sweet girl!


the fabled needle (jen) said...

very sweet - happy birthday little one! yum, pink cake!

Carrie said...

Super! Looks like a lovely party.

Dacia said...

wow that sounds awesome! what a lucky girl.

melissa said...

happy happy birthday little one!

Lauren said...

So cute! Great pictures, too.