Monday, February 14, 2011

playful stripes cardigan

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

SEW has a new cardigan. Oh, you didn't know my daughters initials were SEW did you? Ha. Well actually the blog came first but, it is sort of funny.

This is the playful stripes cardigan by Never Not Knitting and it's just the sweetest little button down cardigan. I love the details in this pattern- the picot edge at the hem and cuffs and the way the stripes are worked so they are stranded. Like ribbon candy. Or, a rainbow.

I think she likes it too.

I was initially a bit worried because I bought Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK back in November by accident for this pattern instead of the Baby Cashmerino but I swatched and went down a needle size and just used a US 3 throughout and it worked out fine. It has a nice soft hand and a bouncy feel to it.

So, how many chocolates have you eaten already? You can tell me....I'm not going to tell anyone.
I've had 6 caramel hearts.


Dacia said...

That is so cute! I wish I was a knitter. I did pretty good yesterday with the candy, but today is a different story. I've lost count...

hila said...

oh how cute, what a sweetie!

jenn said...

that's such a pretty sweater! The colors perfectly complement her golden locks! ;)

Himiko said...

It's so pretty and it looks so comfortable and snug!
Great job you did!

Unfurled said...

Lovely sweater. She looks so happy in it!