Sunday, September 21, 2008

weekend knitting

The weekend was full of knitting and I started and completed these two sample pieces which I am pretty happy with. Unfortunately, most of us also had colds and the baby got the worst of it. Can you tell here how tired I look? Oh well.
Poor Ms. S. She is such a trooper though.

I had been wanting to experiment with cowls and shrug-like garments and this is what I came up with.
I am planning on making the red one a little different next time with a bit more increasing and a I think a little design feature in the middle.

The weather was so nice ( I love the sun and sky in September and October) and the change of season has me even more excited about my yarn stash which is perfect because I've got to finish up my knits for the store. We had a short outing to a herb festival in a garden in town today and I was given some homemade sage shortbread cookies that Liz (the garden club president) made to take home. They are so good. And, the chrysanthemum tea was amazing too. Liz and Little M made some potpourri for us. It was very sweet.


melissa said...

is that the same cowl, or two different ones? either way, that color is really great on you!

and long live the cowl! :)

sew nancy said...

these are 2 different cowls
the top one is smaller and darker in color

*karen said...

Looks lovely and cozy. Is it beginning to feel like fall where you are?

amy said...

very cute! you must knit crazy fast!