Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here is the cardigan I've been working in progress. I can't seem to photograph this to show the true shade of the yarn so you can look at it here which I think is more accurate. This is my first adult sweater and I am making it for me.
The pattern is this one and I decided to try it out in Sheep Shop yarn.
I fell for this shade hard which is pretty odd for me as it is not something I normally gravitate too but, I really like it and I think this color will suit me well. I'm almost through with my third skein and I've got to get my hands on 2 more so I can finish the bottom and do the sleeves.
It is very straightforward and I've made a few changes so far. I did the increases differently and made the top stockinette section a little longer before I started ribbing. I saw on Ravelry that some people made the collar smaller and am wondering if I should have done that. Oh, I've still got to carve out some time to upload all my knitting projects to Ravelry. I do love it as a resource and use it all the time.



Amelia Plum said...

ohh, i love the color of this too and it will be a great color for you. i love how the yarns have such a pretty effect with the variety of tones in the same color family

blazedanielle said...

Awesome!! That's so ambitious! I can only make scarfs! ;)

beki said...

It looks great! That color is fabulous. I have the same exact project on my needles at the moment.