Friday, September 19, 2008


So, I told my Mom I was going to bake brownies for our block party. We got assigned a dessert since we are newcomers. I now have block parties to attend. You can tell I'm not in a city anymore.

I discussed with Mick my method of making them from scratch and then we decided afterwards even though it's not hard to go the scratch method we'd opt for the easier route this time since it's for a bunch of folks we don't even know. Is that bad?

Anyway, he went to the store and got a Duncan Hines mix and I told my Mom and this is when she divulged her now not a secret anymore cheater recipe for her brownies.

Basically, she uses a Ghiradelli mix and adds a cup of chocolate chips pre-baking. And, her brownies are really good. Not fudgey, not cakey just really good. So that is the cheater route I took. It meant another trip to the store but, hey, I'd like to make a good impression

Now, I can't taste one until tomorrow but I did lick the spoon.


Happy Weekend.


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Anonymous said...

I have gone the "from scratch" approach with brownies - but from experience, nothing beats a good mix! It's scary to admit, but there is something about brownies from a box that really do work. That's not with everything of course - but there is something complex about finding that right consistency for brownies. xx Barbara