Tuesday, September 9, 2008

this boy

-had his first day of preschool today
-did great
-loved his monkichi satchel i gave him which i actually bought around 13 years ago and used once. little did i know then that i would give it to my son today.


amy said...

so cute!

melissa said...

Oh he looks adorable! And is this your house in the background?

melissa said...

Oh, and I'd love to see the Monchichi satchel up close. I was a huge fan of those furry creatures when I was a kid!

Amelia Plum said...

glad to hear little m did great on his first day of preschool. he looks very cute and happy in the pictures. is that amazing house in the background his preschool?

sew nancy said...

His preschool is in this victorian house. I dream of owning a farmhouse victorian one day.
I will photo the satchel. He adores it.