Wednesday, September 24, 2008

pink mittens

A month or so ago I had in my mind to make toddler mittens and I made 3 pairs. This was the only pair that turned out to my liking without ladders on the side. I'm thinking it was my gauge but, I'm not sure. I also did a hat and had to rip it out because of ladders. I've been reading how to avoid this situation with double pointed needles. Anyone else have this problem and which method do you like to use to avoid them?


melissa said...

i recommend trying magic pretty much eliminated my laddering problem. it's very easy to learn, too! i never use dpns anymore.

Marcia said...

You just need to knit the first two stitches on each needle a little snugger. (Get those needles right up next to each other.) The other option is to rotate stitches on the needles so the join from needle to needle is never in the same spot.

sew nancy said...

I've been wanting to learn magic loop forever so I think I'm going to go for it.

I will try the rotating method as well. I was reading about that online a few days ago and it seems like it will work well.

Thanks for the suggestions.

rebekka said...

Aww, so so precious!

Francesca Righi said...

I came across you blog through the fabled needle! just wanted to say that these mittens are soooo cute!