Wednesday, September 3, 2008

dressmaker mannequin

i've had this dressmaker mannequin for so long. I think 16 years. I remember the day I bought her from a tailor. I was on my way to work at Ken's Magic and Costume Shop. It was October and I was working there for the Halloween season. I was quite eccentric in those days and I loved to dress up and this place you could dress like you were going dancing in New York City which I did a lot. I know I was wearing a bright red wig and a bubble gum pink dress that belonged to my Mom in the 60's. The mannequin was in the back of the car and I got pulled over by a cop. I'm thinking 'oh my god' is he going to burst out laughing or think I'm on drugs. Turns out it was something silly like a tail light and he didn't even make a comment about my outfit.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I want to fix her up so I can utilize her. She is in dire need of a tune up. Her hips are all out of wack and she needs rust remover and something to loosen the joints so I can get her into my measurements. Ideally she could use some new cloth for her body too though I'm not sure I want to venture into this territory. I've no idea where to begin with this. I guess I have some research ahead of me. Any tips you want to pass along?


Amelia Plum said...

i can't offer any tips but i'm completely jealous, i wish i had a dress mannequin. oh and that visual of you in the bright red wig w/the bubble gum pink dress is priceless.

Felicia said...

Love this story! I can just imagine your outfit :)

Spray some WD40 on those old rusty joints and that will loosen them up just fine. Make sure to hold a cardboard or something behind the spray area so it doesn't spray on the fabric.

andrea said...

great story