Wednesday, July 23, 2008

heidi headbands

I made the Heidi Headbands from Bend-The-Rules Sewing this week. I love how they turned out. These can be done in so many ways depending what materials you use for top and bottom bands. You could use ribbon or fabric. You can embellish with buttons which I did here or jewelry findings or felt/fabric flowers. Embroidering them would be fun as well. So many possibilites.

Afterwards, I realized I already made velvet headbands but those were strictly with ribbon and elastic while these were made with muslin and velvet and twill tape. I love my printed ribbons but, they are too wide for this project. The only one I had that would have worked I used on my Heidi apron.

These make a great gift for little girls and I do love giving handmade as much as I can. Perhaps an outfit to go with it. I am in love with the clothes in the book pictured here

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