Thursday, July 24, 2008

wednesday with mom

My Mom usually comes to visit with me and the kids on Wednesday's. Often, I escape for an hour. That hour is the only hour I truly have alone outside the home all week although I do try to escape alone during the weekend as well and often succeed.

She always brings little treats with her. Often lunch, a bar of chocolate, some flowers from her garden, a sweet potato for Little M... The past two weeks I got hydrangea and daisies in old jelly jars and they are so pretty. There is usually something else, something old. Last week it was some fabric from the thrift shop. This week some finds from the attic. A lovely doll she says is mine that I have no recollection of and a book of fairy tales called Green Fairy Book.

Our lunch was this beautiful lentil salad.

Thanks Mom for making sure to make my Wednesday's special and for helping with the kids and letting me escape for a tiny bit.

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Amelia Plum said...

your wednesdays with your mom sound like a little slice of heaven. how nice that she brings along little presents for you too! honestly just having an hour to yourself must be present enough. have a great weekend.